Training & Behaviour

Behaviourist Amy Bird (Hunkin)BSc hons

With a degree in Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare, Amy has an in depth understanding of the internal functioning, motivation, and needs of your pet, and will look at your dogs situation as a whole. Amy offer behavioural and welfare advice, as well as general care advice for pets. Her degree programme has given her the tools to dissect your pets behaviour, allowing her to work out why they do what they do, and the best way to modify that behaviour. Amy is always keeping up-to-date with training courses to continue professional development, and believes there is always something we can learn.

Training stimulates your pet’s brain; mental exercise can be just as tiring as physical exercise and should be a part of every pet’s routine. We use positive re-enforcement and re-direction to teach pets simple commands and shape behaviour through the use of treats, toys, games, and praise. This method has proven most successful in training dogs, cats and rats. This way the animal wants to do what you want and is not forced to, and you are not relying on tools or fear to control your dog. We believe that you can teach an animal anything that it would naturally do, for example Amy taught pet rats to spin, Guinea pigs to stay on their handlers lap, cats to give paw and I have two pet dogs qualify for full assistance dogs through Dog A.I.D.

Training can help you gain a stronger bond with your pet and is an excellent option for your dogs ‘teenage’ years as it strengthens and builds upon puppy training in the real world. We strongly advise that you undertake puppy training classes or groups as this age is a vital stage of your dog’s development which can make a big difference in the confidence, sociability and temperament of your dog as an adult, and it’s great fun!

We can help you teach your dog how to sit, give paw, lie down, recall, heel, leave, stay, and basic manners such as not door rushing, counter surfing, or barking or jumping at guests. Amy’s speciality are high-drive dogs, spaniels in particular, but she has successfully coached many dog owners with over ten years experience there aren’t many breeds that she hasn’t worked with.

Puppy Training

Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership!

Foundation Skills

Building basic skills, good manners, strong foundations.


High energy dog sport, bond with your dog and burn calories!


Struggling to live with with a behaviour problem?

Jack Warrington IMDT

Jack has been shadowing me for some time now. He has come on leaps and bounds, and, after qualifying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Jack is now working alongside me helping me with running puppy classes and pup start classes, as well as taking on some of the training side of behavioural cases. By working together, we are able to consult and come up with the best solutions for your dogs needs, and offer more assistance if needed.

Here’s what Jack has to say about himself …..

I’m a dog person, plain and simple. I am passionate about making sure you and your furriest family member enjoy a happy, healthy relationship through positive dog training at home and out and about on their dog walk in beautiful Cornwall.

‚ÄčI have conducted my training with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. I use positive reinforcement and force free methods in my dog training to ensure you and your dog can have a healthy, happy relationship. I absolutely love working with puppies and younger dogs, I run group classes focused on puppies and adolescents. I also run 1-2-1 sessions for ongoing support. My mission is to help you learn how to train and support your dog throughout their life with you.