Qualifications / CPD

Anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist tomorrow, without any practical background, learning theory, or qualifications. This means that it can be a minefield when looking for a suitable person to work with you and your dog. There is also a lot of contradictory advice online and in social media, which can be misleading and unethical. My best advice would be do your research and if it feels wrong, don’t do it!

I was awarded a BSc Hons degree in Animal Science Behaviour and Welfare from Plymouth university in 2011. This three year course covered a wide range of animal welfare and behavioural aspects studying many different types of animals which has given me a broad knowledge of animal behaviour. My dissertation was on dog behaviour in re-homing kennels where I studied the dogs reactions to kennel life and their likelihood of being adopted.
Since then I have been running 4 paws pet care as well as continuing my professional development on various courses including

  • Pet first aid courses – Duchy College practical first aid for pets; 1st aiders K9 first aid; recap with CoE online Canine first aid course
  • IMDT practical sessions – ‘perfect puppy foundations’ ; ‘canine aggression and rehab’ ; and their online course on fear aggression.
  • MCDC – certificate of recognition as an approved trainer for hooperholics UK ; level 1 Judges certificate HUK
  • Kamal Fernandez obedience workshop
  • Craig Oligive play workshop
  • Dave Munnings Agility and other top agility trainers, including running contacts with illomme
  • CoE online canine behaviour training diploma first class
  • Passed the Dog AID assessment to become a registered assistance dog trainer and have two dog and handler teams qualified
  • I have been working with Doggy Days Out on their fun days, run have-a-go Agility for charity and also judge fun dog shows for charity.
  • Basic canine massage course
  • School of Canine Science; Practical ’30 days’; Online puppy, nutrition, fear courses completed, currently working on scentwork and behaviour bible 3yr course.