Foundation Skills

Building basic skills, good manners, strong foundations.

Continuing training through adolescence is an important part of your dog growing into a well balanced adult. Often the most difficult time, where the well behaved pup seems to forget everything they’ve learned, the most common age to relinquish a dog into rescue is 6-18 months. It IS just a phase whilst the dogs adjust to altering hormone levels, but you do need to manage them well during this sensitive period to make it out the other side with as little fallout as possible.

We offer a dog training service where we use positive reinforcement to show you how to build on the basic commands through consistent training, adding distraction, duration, and distance. Designed to work on preventing common behaviour problems from occurring. Either one-on-one with the dog, or alongside the owners, or in group classes teaching you the techniques, timing, and consistency required for success.

Stuck on one particular behaviour?

We can help with an ad-hoc session to give you some help to progress if you are feeling stuck with what to do next.

We have our 12Dog training if you don’t have the time, or perhaps skill level yourself to progress your training.

And we offer some money saving packages for common training troubles such as lead walking and recall.