Behaviour Modification

Struggling with a problem behaviour?

Living with a dog who has a behaviour problem can be tough on the owner, dog and all their relationships. On the one hand you love your dog, but the limitations and potential dangers prevent you (and your dog) from living life to the fullest.

What is a behaviour problem?

How do I know if my dog has a behaviour issue or training breakdown?

A behaviour problem is a psychological issue the dog exhibits through abnormal unwanted actions that are harmful, dangerous, or immobilising. This is due to an emotional or neurological response to a certain situation or trigger. Think something similar to counselling or therapy as a human.

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Dog/Human Reactivity
  • Low Confidence
  • Over Arousal
  • Fear
  • OCD Behaviours
    • Car Chasing
    • Shadow Chasing
    • Excessive Self Grooming
    • Licking Objects
    • Tail Chasing

How it works

First port of call is to drop me a message detailing your problem. The more info you can give me the better, I may ask you to send me a video if its safe to do so. I will also ask you to fill out our info form so that I can gather some background.

Once I have all the basics I will be able to advise if I feel a full assessment is required, or if we can resolve a video consult or one off session.

The behaviour assessment comprises of discussing the issue in depth, finding out what you have already tried, pinpointing the issue. Practical assessment of handler skills, relationship with the dog & owner, up to six quick exercises using some basic equipment which helps me look at the dogs overall ability levels. We will also do some play, and walk or run the dog so that I can look for any possible pain/gait abnormality that may be contributing to the behaviour. If I notice anything I will let you know immediately and refer you to either the vet or physio.

Then I will write up the a report and my recommendations going forward including management. You can either take this to a trainer (we recommend Jack Warrington), have a go yourself, or I can produce a bespoke behaviour modification plan and work with you to progress. At this point I will be able to advise on how many sessions I think will be required.

There is no quick fix magic wand I can wave to solve your dogs issue immediately, especially if its become a ritualised habit. I avoid using harsh aversives to preserve the dogs bond with the handler, maintain ethics & welfare, and prevent the dog shutting down or masking. Behaviour mod done right, takes time, consistency, and patience, but is totally worth it.

Can’t make it to in person sessions? I have a range of options available at various times and prices. Including free welfare advice and questions answered on social media.