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4 Paws
Tel: 0787 359 6565
. . . In The St Austell Area, Cornwall.
Customer Testimonials
Here is a list of customer testimonials toward the service provided by 4 Paws Pet Care. If you would like to add your own testimonial to the list please click on the 'Add Testimonial' Button to the right.
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Eden Walk
I found Amy on the internet after trying to think of another option other than leaving my dogs in the car whilst stopping on our travels at the Eden project in Cornwall. Amy advised that the Eden project has sheltered parking bays especially for cars with dogs - and she could meet me there and walk my three dogs whilst we enjoyed the park. Amy was fantastic - she arrived promptly and is a lovely lady who clearly loves animals, her friendly nature, experience and knowledge instantly put my mind at ease and I could not have been happier letting my dogs go with her. Amy took my three dogs out for 2 hours and it was money well spent - a really reasonable price thank you. When I met Amy back at my car the dogs were very happy and had clearly enjoyed an adventure with Amy. Amy toweled the dogs for me and even took photos of their walk which was great to see them having such a great time. I cannot thank Amy enough for looking after my dogs, she lifted a weight from my shoulders and I was able to enjoy the Eden project without worrying about my babies! I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again.

From: Tina Hagland with "Maddie, Theo and Clifford" of Market Deeping, Lincolnshire.
Miss Hagland : St Austell : 24 October 2012 : Pet Name: Maddie ,Theo, Clifford.
Wonderful, wet walk!
While on holiday in St Austell this July, my fiance and I wanted to visit The Eden Project, however we were worried about leaving our one year old, bouncy, springer spaniel in the car. We were very lucky to find Amy on Google, after contacting her our mind was immediately at rest. Amy informed us that there is Dog Shelter for you to park your car in at The Eden Project, she agreed to meet us there and take Reuben for a two hour walk. On the day, the weather could not have been any worse, raining extremely hard and cold, however Amy was prompt and enthusiastic, all ready in her waterproofs! Reuben was very happy and relaxed around her and went off for his walk without so much as looking back at us! Amy towelled Reuben off very well, ensured he had water and left our car key in an agreed place for us to pick up later. We can't recommend Amy enough, receiving photos of Reuben's adventure afterwards was also a lovely touch. Thanks very much, Amy!
Miss Broadhurst : St Austell : 27 August 2012 : Pet Name: Reuben.
Happy Puppy
We have just returned from a short break and Duggie our 20 month Golden Retriever has had an amazing break from us. He is very boisterous and my folks could not walk him so Amy saved the day. She was an absolute hero and Duggie would sit and wait by the door daily for her to come. Without doubt we would recommend her to everyone as she has been professional, punctual and our boy loves her which says it all! Thank you Amy
Mrs Tyler : St Austell : 21 August 2012 : Pet Name: Duggie.
Thank You
Amy has looked after my girls now a few times and i can't thank her enough. Even though they're dogs they are still my babies and i find it difficult to trust people looking after them and when I met Amy I knew she'd do fine but she does better than that! When I arrive home my girls are happy and I can tell they enjoy spending time with Amy. She feeds them, plays with them and most of all sits and cuddles them as well as sending me pictures and texts whilst i was away. I would definitely recommend Amy and the girls are looking forward to seeing her again :)
Miss Mckay : St Austell : 13 August 2012 : Pet Name: Bandit and Narla.
Cat Sitting
Amy provides a fantastic, reliable and extremely professional service from start to finish. She is extremely thorough and conscientious and you are assured that your pets and your home are in excellent hands. The additional 'extras' like daily texts and photos show how much Amy cares about the job she does. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Mrs Vercoe : Pentewen : 06 August 2012 : Pet Name: Milo, Dyllis.
We decided to use Amy after using Catteries and finding our cats found them very stressful! We go on holidays once or twice a year and every time we worry about the cats and wonder if they are OK!
Thanks to looking on the Net we found Amy and I have to say has done a Brilliant Job of looking after our Cats, when we first came home we noticed how relaxed looking they were, it was as if we had not gone away at all.
After this experience we would Highly recommend Amy! if you want your Pets to be well looked after played with and stress free.
Mr Ryan : Bodmin : 31 July 2012 : Pet Name: Mona, Lucifur,Swiper,Sapprano.
walkies for lara
After wondering what to do with lara while I went away to work for a few days I came across 4 paws pet care and decided to meet up with Amy to see how Lara would be with her and what services I would need. On first meeting with Amy, Lara seemed very inquisitive, you could tell Amy knew what she was doing from the start, which made me feel comfortable and in hand made Lara feel comfortable and at ease, (lara doesn't really like new people, as she has been trained to be a security dog, so very weary of stangers) I was quite nurvous that Lara wouldn't allow Amy in the house to take her for a walk but Amy succeeded, Lara had 3 long walks over three days and looks from the photos like she loved every minute of it. Amy text me to tell me how lara was and where they had been on that days adventure, and even looked after lara hurt her leg (not Amys fault) she knew what to do.
I will be using Amy @ 4paws pet care again for sure and will recommend her to any one who needs a walker, sitter or anything that Amy offers.
Thanks again Amy you made my working away stree free. :o)
Miss pilkington-wood : St Austell : 31 July 2012 : Pet Name: lara.
Amy looked after my golden retriever for me while I away at the weekend.
I was delighted to come home to such a happy and relaxed dog- he had obviously enjoyed his time with her immensely and showed no stress at being away from me.
Amy had a very friendly and professional approach, doing a preliminary visit and taking careful details, also taking time to get to know the dog. She texted me daily with news of how he was and took some great photos of the walks.
I will certainly use her again for "dog sitting" and would be happy to recommend her services.
Mrs Davies : St Blazey : 29 July 2012 : Pet Name: Jasper (dog), Sam (cat).
Thank you again......
Once again Amy came to the rescue and enabled us to visit family (and the Hampton Court Flower Show) knowing that our precious pets were in safe hands and more importantly that our poorly Lucky was being given her medications twice a day. The messages & pics were very welcome too.Thanks again and will continue to "spread the word!"
Mrs Humphries : St Austell : 05 July 2012 : Pet Name: Lucky & Trixie.
Peace of mind
If you are in any doubt as to the benefits of getting someone to care for your pets in their own home whilst you are away, I can say that we are absolutely happy with how we found our furry gang when we returned home from a week away.
Whilst we were away, Amy sent us emails with pics of our three mogs and even managed to get Kooshkya to do some work for her treats (now a star on You Tube!).
They didn't have any stress by being transported to a cattery, were in their own home, with their toys and beds plus the able and excellent care of Amy who visited twice daily.
She also did a great job of looking after our two resident hedgehogs and feeding the birds (which we hadn't even asked her to do).
All in all, we have absolute confidence that when we next go away, we have found someone who we trust to care for our furry family and who took the time to get to know our girls and the boy, Ollie, before we went away. Thoroughly professional in her approach, checking details about each individual including medical, dietary, character, sleeping habits etc. Amy, THANK YOU.
Mrs Joslin : St Austell : 23 June 2012 : Pet Name: Kooshkya, Mouse and Oliver.
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